Go Kart Racing! - Getting Started

What should you expect from the sport!

Get your kids off the X-Box or I Pad and get them immersed in an environment where they will learn better communication, and key life skills, while having the most fun they will ever have!


Become involved in a sport where you are part of the team with your child, not just watching from the sidelines. You will help them work on their kart, help coach them and most importantly spend time talking with them!


It is a family sport where all off the family can participate at some level, many of our parents also race, it is not just for kids! Let you kids develop professional driving skills and advanced safety, before they ever start driving a car on the road. Very quickly they have better car control skills than most adults!

Where to start!

The sport of Karting is seeing a renewed growth at the grassroots entry level with the recently introduced Briggs & Stratton LO206 engine package. This is the absolute best starting point in our sport, It is relatively cheap and affordable, there is good parity between engines, so money does not win, and the competition is intense!

Karting is NOT what K1 speed and other concession kart facilities offer, those are glorified bumper cars! Our sport is based on true racing chassis that can pull up to 3gs on the corners and in the upper levels of our sport the fastest shifter karts are capable of speeds over 100mph and accelerate to 60mph in less than 3 seconds, they are true race cars! We have different classes available for kids from 5 to 50 years old!

The sport of karting is one of the few sports that started in the USA, It was all started by Art Ingles in Southern California back in 1956. The sport has grown to be a worldwide sport and is now recognized as the first step on the ladder for any aspiring professional driver.

Where we race and what to do next!

In the Houston area, we have multiple venues where you can race. Gulf Coast Karts Inc, a private club, has had its own track west of Katy for almost 40 years, membership is ridiculously low at $ 325 / year, and you get the key to the gate so that you can practice any time you want, see www.racekarts.com. At the beginning of 2017 a world class Karting venue was opened on 59 North, Speedsportz Racing  Park has a new 8/10 mile track, garage facilities and also offers kart storage so that you do not need to transport your kart, www.speedsportzracingpark.com. Houston Karting Complex is currently in construction and is slated to open late 2017 and is located west of Conroe.

We offer complete LO206 Kart Packages, for Cadets, Juniors & Seniors, that include the Kart Chassis, Engine, Tires, Data Acquisition and full assembly for under $ 5,000 and lease to own financing is available for under $ 200 per month!

To get started please call Patti on 713 937 0000 for more information or to set up an appointment where you can see our karts and discuss our sport in more detail.